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Name: Rudolf E-mail: Country: Czech Date: 26.8.2002 Moc jste me potešila, Uriáši jsou mojí nej kapelou už 30 let. Mel jsem možnost je videt naživo petkrát, jsou jak víno, cím starší tím lepší. Ahoj Rudolf Name: Mac Steagall E-mail: Homesite: Country: USA City: Hamlet Date: 27.9.2002 Absolutely great site. It's unbelieveable how extensive your Heep bootleg section is. Keep up the good work. Take care Mac Name: Anders Teigen E-mail: Homesite: Country: Denmark City: Copenhagen Date: 15.10.2002 Fantastic site - just found it. Ive been looking for all the lyrics for years but because of your site I will now start it. The Uriah Heep Jam Band. Yes. I will write again when theres news about the band. Many thanks from Anders Teigen Name: Ron Mann E-mail: Country: USA, North Carolina Date: 28.10.2002 Hello Lars I don't remember if I've met you before or not. Anyhow, I've been looking at your website. Plenty can be added on the bootleg section and plus the compilation side. I would have to take more time to go over what is listed and reference my collection. You have a nice site, and I'm glad someone has taken time to do this work. It is of importance in many ways. I also run and administrate the Carolina Heepsters Association, you don't have our artwork for our VCD series up. I'll have to forward you scans to post. If you want to complete collection, let me know. Ron * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Out of nowhere came this vision Of you and me together Looking for a far better way Then from nowhere you came running Look out world there's something coming We suddenly found a lot of things to say A Far Better Way Uriah Heep (Hensley, Kerslake, Box, Bolder, Lawton) Name: Steve Cade E-mail: Country: U.K. City: Oxford Date: 3.12.2002 Great site. Love the full discography. Would love to hear from anyone who would love or wish to trade some of the rarer recordings. Name: Mark E-mail: Date: 9.1.2003 Hello Melissa, Do you have any idea were I can get some of the bootlegs you have listed? Are they available? I would love to add some of them to my collection. Thanks! Talk to you soon. Mark Name: Ethan E-mail: Country: USA Date: 30.1.2003 You've got a Great Site ...... I luv it Name: Morten Solbakken E-mail: Country: Norway City: Brumunddal Date: 12.03.2003 Hello Heepsters. This is the greatest Heep site since the official one. May be as good as there was a lot of intresting stuff here. I have all the studio albums and some live stuff. I think I have 32 albums now. But after reading this site I miss a lot. Exelent work. Keep on the good work. Name: Edwin Groeneweg E-mail: Country: Holland Date: 29.03.03 Hello guys, this is a most impressive site. A must for everyone who carries Heep in their heart. A fountain of information for collectors. It must have been an incredible work to compile. Thanks for doing it. Edwin Name: Ozzmozz E-mail: Country: Sweden City: Ängelholm Date: 22.06.2003 This is the coolest Heep site I've ever been to. What a great work you two have put down to make this site so good as it is. A big hug to both of you. Regards Ozzmozz Name: Johan Nielsen E-mail: Country: Denmark City: Copenhagen Date: 3.10.2003 Just 2 words - great Name: P.C.R. E-mail: Country: U.S.A. Date: 5.10.2003 I've recently become a HUGE fan and all I can say is: Where has my head been for the past 36 years? Name: Hilco Arendshorst E-mail: Homesite: Country: Holland Date: 16.2.2004 You have a wonderfull site. I realy like it. Greets from Holland. Name: Simone Parisi E-mail: Homesite: Country: Italy City: Monza Date: 4.5.2004 Great site about Uriah Heep's discography and lyrics ... Here I have found some unpublished lyrics of my favourite band. I hope to get an Uriah Heep's cd with these songs some days, because I love Uriah Heep's music. Please visit my Italian Heep's fansite clicking on the linkabove ... Cheers Name: Lasse Lundberg E-mail: Country: Sweden Date: 13.2.2005 Hej bländande samling av bootlegs. Jag hade inte en aning om att det fanns så många Med venlig hilsen Lasse UHAS #34 Name: Finn Toftlund E-mail: Country: DK City: Viby J. Date: 16.12.2008 Great side, I've just found it... Thanks for 38 years of fantastic rock, so far... I've been with you from the beginning, so keep on rocking U.H. Name: Kris egruytere E-mail: Country: Belgium City: Lennik Date: 04.05.2009 Hi. Just stumbled in. I was wondering where the alternate lyrics to Does Anything Matter came from? The first part is not on the offical from time to time record i own.. Thanx Kriz Name: Joe Naleck E-mail: Country: USA City: Hoffman Estates Date: 11.07.2010 Great site, but I can't seem to get into the family tree. I know UH has had a lot of members and I couldn't keep up with them. We saw UH last night at Durty Nellies in Palatine, IL. I've been a fan since 1974 and after seeing them last night I didn't realize how much I had missed them. That flame had re-ignited. Name: Vanessa Stroebel E-mail: Country: South Africa City: Port Elizabeth Date: 23.12.2010 Many memories. I was a teen in the 70's and South Africa at the time was very conservative, music Uriah Heep etc. and even Elvis Presley was a no no. To live in a room in the back yard of your parents home was always a winner and we would gather at such a home and chill..drinking, smoking and partying. Uriah Heep rocks.