A lot of words were written Ė they probably seemed very right as they 
were done, somehow they seem to be in a different light as years go by. 

Uriah Heep has done a lot of albums and a lot of them had 
liner notes on them Ė most often written by Ken Hensley in the 
Early Years. Later they didnít appear so often, but as CD's got modern 
and new editions of CD's were made, new lines were added.

We donít really mean to say anything by writing these again, 
only that those words are all part of Uriah Heep History and should 
be regarded as such.

We hope that you find equal joy and fun reading these as we did 
finding them.  


This was our second attempt to record out of England and we went
to Musicland Studio in Munich, Germany. Before we left we tried out
the new material playing a concert at Shepperton Studios in front 
of our fans and friends which also included a nude female streaker 
running across the stage. The band didn't really adjust to recording 
abroad so this became difficult album to make. The hotel was across 
the road from the studio and I remember clarly David walking from
the hotel bar across a very busy street with two champagne coctails 
in his hand with cars whizzing past at breakneck speed and David 
arriving at the studio with not a drop split. On the cover You will see
that I am the only one with no shirt and no shoes standing on the 
platform, this was not by design but I understood that we were only
sending in our jeans to be concreted not everything. Oh well!!! 
We still managed to overcome all adversity though and produce 
a typical "Heep" album and "So Tired" was always a good rocking 
stage number. I hope You enjoy this re-mastered version along
with the bonus tracks.

MICK BOX London, England
11.11.1995 (Armistice Day)

Demons And Wizards 

People often ask me what my favourite Heep record is and, though 
it's imposiible for me to have one clear favourite, "Demons and Wizards"
will always be special to me. It was a time of great creative harmony
within the band and features many musical high points. I can remember 
this time period very graphically and still enjoy listening to "Demons 
and Wizards", particulary since the CD re-issue lost none of the
original atmosphere.

St. Louis, USA


I can still remember the first time I saw a firefly (or "lightning bug" as 
the were sometimes called). I was eating dinner on the deck of my 
former in-law's house in New Jersey, and I saw this glow in the bushes
(the glow of the firefly is the firefly's mating signal!). It was spooky
and amazing, and I ran into the house and started scribbling words down.
From that came the title track and the idea for the cover. I like this 
record. It's little light for heep purists, but they never were into growth 
anyway! Other items you might find interesting ... "Rollin' On" was 
born in Alvin Lee's studio near my house in Sonning Common, and Gerry
Bron actually thought that I wrote "Wise Man" about him!

St. Louis, Missouri
May 1997