I remember as a kid, as so many others I was very fascinated 
by the sound of the music of that period, represented by bands 
such as - Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and many more.
One band in particular caught my attention: Uriah Heep

Hard really to recapture why, but I found that combination of 
both the lyrical and musical assets so amazing, that I had to
dig a bit deeper. Those lyrics - that powerful instrumenting - 
that outrageous voice of David Byron fascinating in a way 
that's hard to describe.

First time I heard I some of UH, that I remember was
"Look At Yourself" album, so I guess I was a bit late in to say 
that I was there from the start - but close.

Nevertheless - I started digging in the material available 
at the time and I surely wasn't disappointed in what I found.

Starting looking into the band members and being the first
one to launch a solo - Mr. Ken Hensley pulled special attention, 
not only because of his ability to put words together - it pulled 
me like a magnet, but because he seemed to have a lot of
good spirit and musical drive. Lots of good tunes and lyrics 
came from his hands - often simple but yet so fulfilling. Think 
of the track "Rain" out of both "Magicians Birthday" and solo 
project "Proud Words on a dusty shelf". 
Simple words and simple arrangements - still it sends shivers 
down my spine each time I hear it regardless if it Kens own 
or David Byron's interpitation were talking about.

As years went by and the sound of the heavy 70's died out a bit
- Uriah Heep rocked on, despite the sad fact that different 
problems occurred in the line-up(s). I hung on and picked up 
what I could at the time.
The 80's wasn't too good to bands as Uriah Heep and though 
I didn't really like the direction the Goalby period took Uriah 
Heep - I hung on and almost lost sight of them as the they 
shaped the line up that's present today  - some achievement 
Still with two important members from the first years there 
- first of all - Mick Box, Mr. Guitar Man of Uriah Heep. As I 
remember it as a kid - there were heavy debates of who was 
the better guitar man - Mick or Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple. 
Not easy to compare cause they are both very good guitar 
And also the very solid drummer, Lee Kerslake, of the bands 
rhytm section. Cheers to the two of you for hanging on all 
these years - where would Uriah Heep be without you ? 

In the mid 90's as the Internet was in its rise. I discovered 
Sites of Uriah Heep and Ken Hensley, and alongside a few trips 
to London where I found albums that I considered long gone 
- Heep interest took new heights.
Refound joy and refound happiness is a true benefit of this 
process - and even if that wasn't enough, I consider myself 
lucky having found friends worldwide sharing the interest 
of the humble, High and Mighty ever glorious URIAH HEEP.

			Lars Popp 
			February/March 2001

These pages were written between 1999 - 2013
All this site actually contains info about 666 albums, 
plus 68 in DVD section, and 83 in Various Artists section.

Dedicated to the memory of David Byron and Garry Thain

I would like to thank for the help, support and friendship 
to all our Heep friends around the globe, and specially to... 
Lars "Wizard" Popp from Køge, Denmark 
(Thanks Wizard, I would be lost without you)

			Renata (Lady In Black) Popp 
			Prague 2001




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